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About WIN

We conduct scientific surveys of community attitudes toward legal cases, issues and the legal profession. Our chief research scientist is Dr. Robert Gordon. A forensic psychologist and lawyer, Dr. Gordon is the director of the Wilmington Institute of Trial and Settlement Sciences.

With 30 years of experience, the Institute is a leading creative laboratory for studying the cognitive, perceptual and group influences that guide a person to make decisions. Gordon won the distinguished psychologist award for opening a gateway to understanding the dynamic interaction between behavioral science and law.

To deeply understand attitudes and attitude change, the Institute conducts brain mapping studies. The Institute has state of the art research facilities in Dallas and Houston.

Board of Advisors
The Wilmington Institute Network

The WIN Board of Advisors is a distinguished group of professionals. The Board is composed of imminent research scientists, professors and practitioners. It is chaired by psychologist- attorney, Dr. Robert Gordon.

Sharon Anderson, PhD
Barbara Abrams, PhD
Laurence Abrams, PhD
Leo Borrell, MD
Antonio Buch, MD
Fanny Mui-ching Cheung, PhD
Helen Edmondson, LCSW
Scott Henslee, MD

Michael Lindsey, JD, PhD
Leo McCandlish, PhD
Michael Nash, JD, PhD
Bharat Parikh, MBA
Gregorio Pena, PhD
Jay Powell, MD
Sergi Sharma, MD

Tanya Taylor, PhD

Clemente Vivanco, PhD
Jim Will, PhD
Jon Nix, PhD


Measuring attitudes towards your important litigation.