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About Virtual Jury™

Virtual Jury™ is an online focus group that is user-friendly, affordable and confidential. It is the most economical way to gain insight into how prospective jurors view your case. Schedule a Virtual Jury™ session and you will work with outstanding settlement scientists. They will help you tailor a fascinating online focus group to meet your litigation needs.

This is state-of-the-art jury research at a fraction of the cost made possible by the versatility, flexibility and connectivity of the Internet. Virtual Jury™ focus groups will help you:

  • Forecast jury verdicts
  • Decide the value of your case or the risk of defending it
  • Understand potential juror bias
  • Develop successful themes for mediation
  • Design effective visual evidence for ADR
  • Study liability questions
  • Learn about likelihood of recovery or range of damages

Online jurors are selected using scientific sampling techniques.

How To Do It:

The first step is to create a new client account with Virtual Jury™. We may then contact you to discuss your requirements and to discuss the documentary or graphic materials or media that you will use to support your jury study.

Guidance on presenting case materials for Jurors:

Once you have created a new client account we will provide guidance on the case materials that you can present as background materials or documentation to the jury. Your case materials may include:
  • Text Documents
  • Video Formats
  • Audio Formats
  • Photographs, Charts & Graphs
Once your Virtual Jury™ is complete, we provide you with a report which details the responses to the questions that you requested. We also provide a summary of the statistical and interpretive findings of your Virtual Jury™ to help you make any necessary decisions about your case.
Measuring attitudes towards your important litigation.